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Фирменный Дежавю-бургер из мраморной говядины с картофелем и двумя соусами
Фирменный Дежавю-бургер из мраморной говядины с картофелем и двумя соусами
189 грн


Back in 1999 prominent restaurateurs and friends Andrei Zadorozhnyi and Serhei Predko made their dream come true – they opened the unique and only of its type at that time restaurant in Ukraine.

The idea was simple in its core, but not that easy to implement – creation of a common place for really tasty cuisine, sparkling cocktail bar, best live music and the merriest people of the city. To succeed, great piece of preparatory work preceded the DEJAVU opening. What is interesting, the name widely known now all around the country, didn’t emerge at once. Only when the restaurant was nearly ready to accept the first guests, its owners realized they did indeed create the perfect spot. The space where Freedom, Drive and Success are to stay forever. Their dream became reality! The Legend was born – the DEJAVU musical restaurant.

The first motorbikes that have been gathered by now into the prominent collection only started to appear in the DEJAVU restaurant.

During this year such stars as Boris Grebenschikov and Akvarium, Laima Vaikule, Oleh Skrypka and the Vopli Vidopliasova band performed here.

The first festival of restaurant music DEJAVU blew up to later become the regular event.

Ukrainian and Russian pop singers impressed visitors of the DEJAVU restaurant with their shows.

In 2009 DEJAVU widely celebrated its 10th anniversary, finally confirming the status of recognized Legend within the Kyiv catering industry.

During that ‘Drive Decade’, totaling 3647 days, 50000 guests frequented the place, 1500 parties were organized, 500 bands and musicians performed at its famous stage. Barmen mixed at least 75000 cocktails. Over 8000 liters of tequila, 10000 of champagne and 14000 liters of whisky have been drunk here. Volume of consumed beer is uncountable. More than 5000 kalians smoked. Nearly 10000 steaks and 20000 portions of the Caesar salad cooked. Life is in full swing, music’s playing, the DEJAVU restaurant’s grooving – meaning things are going great!

This year is a really special one for the restaurant. Even if a location is successful and popular, high-class and recognized by public, it still requires time to time changes and renovation. Those numerous friends, who’d spent a long while with DEJAVU, nevertheless met the refinement with great delight and anticipation – because the values of the restaurant remained the same. Its premises were expanded to more spacious and capacious, interior and design became more balanced and respectable, technological equipment and backline installed haven’t had since then any analogues in the country, the menu grew wider and more sophisticated, and the cocktail bar sparkles with new top seller offers. Everything became even brighter, louder, tastier, hotter!

Memorabilia with genuine signatures of the prominent musicians makes the new unprecedented collection of souvenirs for music fans, and is the pride of the restaurant. Metallica’s concert guitar, exclusive scarf of Patricia Kaas, gold records of the legendary Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin bands outstand among them. Great stars including The Beatles, Cher, Queen, A-Ha, Harry Moore, Rolling Stones are presented in the astonishing collection as well. Along with them, Ukrainian and Russian performers such as Boris Grebenschikov, Garik Sukachev, Yuriy Antonov, Igor Sarukhanov, the Chizh and Splean bands, Oleh Skrypka, Iryna Bilyk and many others also marked the place. Certain souvenirs were purchased by the restaurant founders at various international auctions. But most of them were presented by the stars themselves to express respect and gratitude for the place where music has really become the religion.

We are all convinced this musical restaurant is going to please us forever. DEJAVU – the Living Legend!